CalPERS rethink puts spotlight on hedge fund infrastructures

Was CalPERS’ decision merely a blip, or a sign of things to come for the hedge fund industry?

Posted on: 07 Jan, 2015
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Asset managers must embrace apps and new technologies

Asset managers must embrace mobile apps and other social media technology if they are to remain competitive going forward.

Posted on: 25 Sep, 2014
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A New Manifestation of Counterparty Risk: Cyber-Security and Technology Risk

The growth in technology complexity and dependence, paired with the increased utilization of hosted software-as-a-service, has created a new form of counterparty risk.  Firms must now be aware of the technology risk and cyber-security preparedness

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2014

The pitilessness of the Internet

It was dispiriting this week to attend the couple of hours devoted to financial services by the organisers of the Internet of Things. The event, hosted in a London hotel, was part of London Technology Week, in which the city celebrates its dedication to technological innovation.

In a cavernous room, there were almost as many people on my panel (seven) as there were in the audience (eleven), and nobody in either group worked in financial services. Sessions dedicated to manufacturing, education, housing and the environment attracted much larger numbers.

Fund Forum: Technology giants could enter fund management

Technology behemoths such as Apple, Google or Amazon could enter the fund management space over the next few years, according to panellists, speaking at Fund Forum in Monte Carlo.

Posted on: 23 Jun, 2014
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Asset management industry to shrink by half in next 15 years, says KPMG

Nearly half of all asset managers will not exist by 2030 as client demographics, technology and social behaviour undergo rapid transformation, according to a report by KPMG.

Posted on: 16 Jun, 2014
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Hedge funds need at least $250 million AuM to break-even, according to Citi Prime Finance survey

Hedge fund managers need to run between $250 million and $375 million AuM to enable their management fee to adequately cover the costs of support personnel and third party expenses, according to Citi Prime Finance’s 2012

Posted on: 12 Dec, 2012
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ALFI Luxembourg: AIFMD Level 2 stance on cash flow monitoring alarms depositaries

AIFMD Level 2 requirements forcing depositaries to “implement” cash flow monitoring will seriously ramp up costs and could prove nigh on impossible to enact for certain strategies, experts at BNY Mellon and BNP Paribas have said at the ALFI Confer

Posted on: 21 Nov, 2012


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