GAIM Ops: Alternative sources of hedge fund financing could emerge

Alternative sources of hedge fund financing could emerge as prime brokers scale back their financing as banks seek to meet their Basel III capital requirements.

Posted on: 13 Oct, 2014
Posted in: Prime Brokerage

EU regulators must learn lessons from EMIR when implementing SFT rules

EU regulators should learn from the experiences of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and apply single sided reporting when it introduces reporting requirements for securities financing transactions (SFTs), the Alternative Invest

Posted on: 02 Oct, 2014
Posted in: Regulation

FRM warns on impact of regulation on hedge fund financing

Any regulation of the shadow banking market must be careful not to dramatically alter the cost of hedge fund financing, it has been warned.

Posted on: 08 Jan, 2014
Posted in: Regulation

Multi-strategy managers likely to bolster treasury operations as PB financing costs grow

Large, multi-strategy hedge funds are bolstering their treasury operations as prime brokerage financing costs continue to grow, it has been said.

Posted on: 20 Aug, 2013
Posted in: Prime Brokerage

T+2 provides prime brokers with another reason to terminate a client

Being terminated by a prime broker, unceremoniously or otherwise, can sound the death-knell for a hedge fund. If the principal counter-party no longer wants the business, it is a signal that no one else should either.

Posted on: 29 Jul, 2013
Posted in: Prime Brokerage

Custodian-PB agreement on depositary liability likely within a month, says HSBC

Global custodians and prime brokers are likely to reach a consensus on liability provisions contained in the AIFMD within a month, or two maximum, the global head of regulatory and industry affairs at HSBC Secur

Posted on: 15 Apr, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Key issues for hedge funds during Q1

Here is a summary of some of the key events which have happened in the hedge fund industry during the first quarter of 2013.



Posted on: 03 Apr, 2013
Posted in: Investors

Prime brokerage will survive despite falling profit margins, bank exec tells Markit conference

Prime brokerage will survive, and will continue to evolve despite ever declining profit margins, a senior executive at a bulge bracket prime broker has told the Markit Securities Financing Forum in London.

Posted on: 13 Mar, 2013
Posted in: Prime Brokerage

Depositaries unlikely to be held liable for rehypothecation losses at PBs, BNY Mellon says

Depositaries will need to increase their monitoring of prime brokers’ rehypothecation processes as required under AIFMD although they are unlikely to be held liable for losses incurred through rehypothecation, BNY Mellon has said.

Posted on: 09 Jan, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

GAIM Ops Paris 2012: Emerging managers most at risk as PBs confront regulatory costs and falling revenues

Emerging or sub-$150 million managers will be disproportionately impacted as prime brokers increasingly cull smaller hedge fund clients as they grapple with regulatory capital costs and falling profits, operational due diligence executives have sa

Posted on: 17 Oct, 2012


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