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Regulatory compliance tops COOs' workload, says Deutsche Bank study

Regulatory compliance is the biggest contributor to chief operating officers’ (COOs) workloads, while a number of hedge funds are adopting a “wait and see” approach to dealing with the plethora of regulations, a survey by Deutsche Bank Markets Pri

Posted on: 11 Oct, 2013
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Very few managers outsourcing COO role

Very few hedge funds are presently outsourcing the chief operating officer (COO) role, and those that are will struggle to attract institutional money, it has been warned.

Posted on: 21 Aug, 2013
Posted in: Outsourcing

Interview with Quentin Thom, Director at Kinetic Partners, on Operational Due Diligence

Quentin Thom, Director at Kinetic Partners, speaks to COOConnect about Operational Due Diligence.

Posted on: 08 Aug, 2013
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Hedge funds and the rise of due diligence - by Paul Taylor, Director of Global Matching at SWIFT

06 Aug, 2013

Recent analysis showed that 70 per cent of hedge funds’ operational teams now have veto authority over the investment decision-making process. Further, almost 60% of investors observe daily operations processes during a typical operational due diligence (ODD) review - and more start-up managers are being almost mandated to invest in people and process from an operations perspective.

Interview with Shannon Day of Deutsche Bank on the firm's annual ODD survey

Deutsche Bank identified the changing regulatory environment as the most significant factor driving the growing importance of operational due diligence amongst hedge fund investors.

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2013
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Growth of ODD clout continues, according to Deutsche Bank study

Seventy per-cent of operational due diligence (ODD) teams at institutional investors have explicit veto authority over hedge fund allocations, and this was exercised in almost 10% of manager reviews in 2012, according to a Deutsche Bank prime brok

Posted on: 01 Jul, 2013
Posted in: Prime Brokerage

SEC to Advisers: "Can you hear me now?" By RFG

The SEC Director Highlights Key “Warning Indicators" - a little over a year ago the SEC warned advisers that the game has changed and that the agency would begin to use a risk-oriented, holistic approach to scru

Posted on: 27 Jun, 2013
Posted in: Operational Risk

The Challenge of Operational Due Diligence on Emerging Managers

The Challenge of Operational Due Diligence on Emerging Managers by Joshua Barlow, Associate Director in Investor Operations and a member of the PAAMCO Operational Due Diligence Committee.

Posted on: 05 Apr, 2013

Six Principles of ODD - January 2013

Castle Hall Alternatives publish a paper on the Six Principles of Operational Due Diligence.

Posted on: 27 Jan, 2013

Fund admins need to be more selective when onboarding hedge funds, says Towers Watson

Hedge fund administrators need to be more selective when they onboard managers, a senior executive at Towers Watson has said, speaking at a hedge fund ops conference in London.

Posted on: 06 Dec, 2012


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