KYC/AML and sanctions screening rising up the agenda for managers

KYC/AML and sanctions screening are rising up the agenda for hedge fund managers and private equity managers.

Posted on: 09 Apr, 2015
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Fund managers struggling with KYC/AML and sanctions screening compliance obligations

Fund managers are struggling with their KYC/AML and sanctions screening compliance obligations, according to SWIFT’s white paper on operational challenges facing investment managers.

Posted on: 08 Apr, 2015
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How to effectively manage the burden of KYC/AML

Mike Tumilty, Director of Operations at Standard Life Investments, speaks about the ways in which to buy a fund, how TAs can help fund managers obtain distribution data, how the burden of KYC/AML on investors can be most effectively managed and the extent that TAs and third party service providers can help firms in terms of global distribution.

Posted on: 16 Mar, 2015
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DTCC launches client data and documentation utility

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has launched a utility to centralise the client data and documents of financial institutions including those of fund managers.

Posted on: 31 Jul, 2014
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How KYC data can lend a fund manager an informational advantage

Fund managers tend to be more interested in running money than in working out where it came from. Pecunia non olet, as the Romans put it. But accepting investments from anybody who cares to write a cheque is an increasingly imprudent practice in a regulatory environment obsessed with making sure every citizen pays taxes (FATCA), let alone one surrounded by   Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures that ensure no dollar is invested whose provenance cannot be proved.

Thomson Reuters to launch data feed for smaller hedge fund managers

Thomson Reuters will launch its new data feed aimed at smaller hedge fund managers later next month.

Posted on: 20 Mar, 2013
Posted in: Technology
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