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Buy-side warn on suspension of early termination rights for swaps

Industry associations including the Managed Funds Association (MFA) and the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) have sent a letter to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) expressing concern about the potential suspension of counter

Posted on: 06 Nov, 2014
Posted in: Investors

AIFMs outsourcing Annex IV to fund admins could be forced to disclose data to investors

Firms outsourcing the compilation and submission of their Annex IV to fund administrators could find themselves under pressure to disclose the document to investors if administration costs are borne by the fund.

Posted on: 15 Oct, 2014
Posted in: Outsourcing

Financial institutions warned on cyber-insurance

Financial institutions must ensure they have adequate cyber-insurance to deal with the aftermath of any cyber-breach.

Posted on: 08 Oct, 2014
Posted in: Technology

EU regulators will struggle to digest data provided by algos and HFTs following MiFID II

European regulators will struggle to digest much of the data they receive from algorithmic traders and high-frequency-traders (HFTs) once the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) takes effect.

Posted on: 02 Sep, 2014
Posted in: Regulation

SEC will aggressively scrutinise firms taking advantage of JOBS Act

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will rigorously scrutinise the internal workings and compliance standards at private funds taking advantage of the liberalised marketing and advertising rules as mandated under the JOBS Act.

Posted on: 09 Jul, 2014
Posted in: Regulation

No chance of further FATCA delays

Implementation of FATCA on July 1, 2014 is a “dead cert” with next to no chance of any extension following comments by a senior Treasury official.

Posted on: 16 Jan, 2014
Posted in: Regulation

FATCA guidance welcomed although challenges remain

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has published the draft agreement for foreign financial institutions (FFIs) reporting directly to the IRS and those conveying information through the model two intergovernmental agreement (IGA) as mandated under

Posted on: 04 Nov, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Australian regulator toughens up on hedge funds

Hedge funds might need to re-evaluate whether they accept Australian retail capital following the announcement of tougher disclosure requirements by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Posted on: 14 Oct, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Australian superannuation fund reform could lead to reduced inflows to FOFs

Australia’s burgeoning superannuation funds industry could be forced to scale back their exposures to funds of funds following the introduction of the “MySuper” rules, a partner at K&L Gates in Melbourne has warned.

Posted on: 03 Jul, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

The custody and depository costs of AIFMD-compliant funds will be significant

Fund managers caught by the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) have started to worry about how much a compulsory depository bank will cost their funds.

Posted on: 25 Jun, 2013
Posted in: Regulation


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