IMQ confirms shift into acceleration deals

Imqubator (IMQ), the $250 million Amsterdam-based seeding platform backed by Dutch pension giant APG, has confirmed it will focus increasingly on acceleration deals as opposed to seeding, and is seeking to collaborate with large asset managers in

Posted on: 18 Dec, 2013
Posted in: Investors

Exploring the Dutch hedge fund industry: COOConnect in Amsterdam

My fly-over visit to Amsterdam, with the stated objective of better understanding the Dutch hedge fund and institutional investor landscape, discovered an industry unsure of its future.

Posted on: 11 Dec, 2013
Posted in: Investors

Seeders shifting into acceleration deals

Acceleration capital is becoming increasingly prolific at a number of investors which have historically embraced seeding day-one hedge fund managers.

Posted on: 18 Sep, 2013
Posted in: Investors

Investment consultants will launch funds of funds in time, Towers Watson says

It is highly probable some investment consultants will eventually launch funds of funds vehicles, Towers Watson has said.

Posted on: 25 Oct, 2012
Posted in: InvestorsLaunches

Hedge fund start-ups higher calibre

Hedge fund start-ups higher calibre but challenges remain, warns Deutsche Bank exec

Posted on: 10 Jul, 2012
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