GAIM Ops Paris 2012: A Summary

An industry conference veteran once joked he never failed to see the irony of hedge fund managers and investment bankers moaning about their ever-growing expense ratios from the confines of five star hotels.  It is perhaps for this reason GAIM Ops

Posted on: 21 Oct, 2012

Ucits VI consultation premature, says ABN Amro Private Bank

The Ucits VI consultation is premature given that Ucits V and AIFMD are still in draft form while managers are only just beginning to acclimatise to Ucits IV, an institutional investor has warned.

Posted on: 03 Sep, 2012

Ucits hedge funds see AuM growth

Ucits hedge funds’ Assets under Management (AuM) increased by 7.5% during the second quarter bringing total AuM to €129 billion, according to a report published by Alix Capital, a Geneva-based alternative investment specialist.

Posted on: 18 Jul, 2012
Posted in: InvestorsLaunches

Funds of Ucits funds popular although sceptics remain

The funds of Ucits hedge funds model is still valid, according to 70% of respondents to a survey by Alix Capital, the Geneva based alternative investment specialist.

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2012
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