How fund managers could cut their FX costs by 2,500 per cent

An asset owner recently agreed with its custodian bank what fees it would pay to buy and sell currencies.

Posted on: 18 Apr, 2016

Restoring Trust in Foreign Exchange

The global foreign exchange (FX) market is a paradox. With daily trading volume of around US$5 trillion, it’s the world’s deepest and most liquid financial market.

Posted on: 21 Jul, 2015
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Lawsuits Bring Renewed Attention to FX Transaction Costs

16 Jun, 2015

Despite the promises of better behaviour by banks after their fines for past abuses in the foreign exchange markets, investors should subject their currency transaction procedures to a thorough review to ensure best execution.

Fund managers squandering money by failing to manage FX costs

COOConnect spoke with Andy Woolmer, Managing Director at New Change FX, about the money fund managers are squandering by failing to manage their FX costs, the 4 o'clock fix and how relevant this is to managing FX costs effectively, and how the level of understanding of FX costs can be improved.

Posted on: 12 May, 2015
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Boutique primes could flourish in Europe despite poor US track record

Boutique prime brokers or “mini primes” could potentially flourish in Europe despite their less-than-stellar track record in the US, it has been argued.

Posted on: 27 Feb, 2013
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Hedge funds must hurry up with CFTC registration

Hedge funds must “hurry up” with CFTC registration now that US regulators have agreed upon a definition of what constitutes a swap, Kinetic Partners, a London-ba

Posted on: 12 Jul, 2012
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