Buy-side firms urged to identify preferred SEFs quickly

Buy-side (and sell-side) institutions trading swaps need to identify quickly which swap execution facilities (SEFs) they want to use to enable them to continue executing swap transactions once Dodd-Frank is enacted.

Posted on: 25 Jul, 2012

AIFMD delays frustrating albeit manageable, survey shows

AIFMD delays are frustrating hedge funds but most managers appear to be taking it in their stride, according to a survey by IMS, the compliance consultancy.

Posted on: 25 Jul, 2012

Italy and Spain introduce shorting bans amid volatility

Spain and Italy have both re-introduced temporary short-selling bans amid market volatility in the eurozone.

Posted on: 23 Jul, 2012

ESMA hedge fund remuneration proposals attacked

Plans by European regulators to extend proposed restrictions on remuneration at investment banks to hedge funds have been branded “ill thought out” and “impractical” by an industry expert.

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2012

ESMA warns mandatory clearing could lead to collateral shortage

ESMA has acknowledged that mandatory clearing of OTC derivatives could lead to a collateral scarcity although added it was imperative a right balance be found between “safety” and “speed.”

Posted on: 26 Jun, 2012


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