AIMA warns EU and US regulators on overlap in OTC derivatives reform

AIMA, the hedge fund industry association, has urged US and EU architects of OTC derivatives reform to avoid regulatory conflicts and overlap.

Posted on: 28 May, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

European Commission and ESMA warned on EMIR equivalency rules by SEC

The European Commission and European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) have been urged to be non-prescriptive and more transparent on proposed third-country equivalency rules contained in the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

Posted on: 16 May, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

AIFMD Countdown – A Monthly Blog by Bill Prew, INDOS Financial Limited

Bill Prew continues his monthly update of recent AIFMD developments. Some progress has been made but remains slow despite only a little over 120 days to go to the 22 July 2013 implementation date.

Posted on: 19 Mar, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Collateral shortage fears exaggerated, bank exec tells Markit conference

Fears of collateral shortages once mandatory OTC derivatives clearing comes into effect have been overstated, according to a senior bank executive, speaking at the Markit Securities Finance Forum in London.

Posted on: 12 Mar, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Hedge funds lagging on AIFMD reporting provisions, warns AIMA

Hedge funds appear to be lagging behind with their preparations for AIFMD reporting requirements, while regulators have been urged to issue technical guidance for managers impacted by the reporting rules, AIMA has said.

Posted on: 11 Mar, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Consultants lagging behind on Ucits allocations

Investment consultants are behind the curve on Ucits according to 38% of investors polled by Alix Capital, a Geneva-based investment company.

Posted on: 05 Mar, 2013
Posted in: Investors

ESMA policy opinion on Ucits could prompt further clampdown

ESMA has issued a policy opinion which could prevent Ucits funds investing into hedge funds in what might herald a clampdown on Ucits investing in esoteric or illiquid products.

Posted on: 03 Dec, 2012

Hedge funds breaching leverage limits must report to ESMA, AIFMD Level 2 rules state

AIFMD Level 2 rules will require hedge funds to report to ESMA if they breach leverage limits of three times their Net Asset Value (NAV), the head of the asset management unit at the European Commission has confirmed.

Posted on: 11 Sep, 2012

Brussels: European Commission rejects industry complaints on depositary liability

The European Commission has hit back at industry claims that depositary liability will be prohibitively expensive.

EU not backing down on AIFMD

Posted on: 06 Sep, 2012

AIFMD final outcome totally unpredictable, say experts

AIFMD delays continue to frustrate managers while one fund administrator said it was “absolutely impossible” to predict what the final rules will look like come September.

Posted on: 08 Aug, 2012


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