NatWest says time is ripe for funds to appoint independent depositaries

A serious conflict of interest has arisen in the European funds industry.

Posted on: 07 Jul, 2016

Questions over depositaries pricing risk into fees

A number of depositaries may not be pricing the costs of strict liability into client fees with many under-charging because they are discharging the liability to their prime brokers acting as sub-custodians.

Posted on: 03 Nov, 2014
Posted in: Regulation

The future of depositary lite is private equity

When the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) was first published in 2009 more than one of us thought that the European Commission had made an error of ignorance by including private equity funds within its scope.

Posted on: 28 Oct, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Standalone fund administrators considering setting up depo-lites

Standalone fund administrators could create depositary-lite subsidiaries to help them comply with AIFMD instead of having to partner with a custodian bank.

Posted on: 22 Aug, 2013

Bill Prew of INDOS Financial continues his monthly blog of AIFMD developments.

Bill Prew of INDOS Financial continues his monthly blog of AIFMD developments.

Posted on: 20 May, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

IMS Group warns of “knowledge gap” at depositaries on oversight responsibilities

Depositaries could struggle to find staff and acquire the necessary knowledge in good time to handle their oversight responsibilities of AIFMs as mandated under AIFMD, a compliance expert has warned.

Posted on: 14 Jan, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Leaked AIFMD text says depositaries must "implement" cash flow monitoring

The latest AIFMD Level 2 requirements will force depositaries to “implement” cash flow monitoring in a move that could dramatically ramp up costs for hedge funds and asset managers, a person with access to a leaked copy of the text has said.

Posted on: 24 Oct, 2012
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