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Fund managers' exit strategies from service providers still inadequate

Asset managers are still struggling to implement adequate exit strategies at their outsourced service providers despite the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) tough stance on the issue.

Posted on: 29 Sep, 2014
Posted in: Regulation

Global code of fund governance urged amid regulatory clampdown on conflicts of interest

Ninety-five per-cent of institutional investors would like to see the introduction of a global code of fund governance as regulators including the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continue to take

Posted on: 28 Oct, 2013
Posted in: Investors

COO Breakfast briefing: Asset managers warned on research costs

The expenditure at asset managers of client trading commissions on research from execution brokers and sell-side analysts is likely to fall under increasing institutional investor scrutiny, panellists told a COOConnect breakfast briefing in London

Posted on: 22 Oct, 2013
Posted in: Investors

Investors warming to outsourcing compliance but regulatory challenges remain, says KPMG

Institutional investors, historically wary of managers outsourcing their operations, are increasingly recognising the benefits of outsourcing regulatory compliance as the costs of these global rules continue to mount on small to mid-sized hedge fu

Posted on: 22 Oct, 2013
Posted in: Outsourcing

Market data could fall under FCA's scrutiny on expenditure

Hedge fund managers could be forced to pay for market data feeds such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters through their management fee rather than offsetting the costs to the fund following ever greater scrutiny from the UK’s Financial Conduct Author

Posted on: 03 Oct, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Manager boards to become more independent, predicts Barclays Wealth

Manager boards at hedge funds could become more independent as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) seeks to clamp down on potential conflicts of interest.

Posted on: 23 Jul, 2013
Posted in: Investors
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