Sovereign wealth funds, central banks and collateral liquidity

The way that collateral is being used, and indeed needed, in financial markets has altered significantly since the financial crises.

Posted on: 06 May, 2016

Treasury management: no longer the poor relation

Treasury operations within hedge funds have traditionally been the ‘poor relation’ to other functions, however, this is changing.

Posted on: 05 Nov, 2015

Asset owners taking holistic approach to collateral management

Asset owners are increasingly taking a holistic approach to their collateral management processes as a result of their growing retreat from securities lending coupled with the migration of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives instruments into centra

Posted on: 29 Oct, 2014
Posted in: Investors

Collateral squeeze unlikely to materialise

The so-called collateral shortfall is unlikely to be as severe as some market participants initially believed although obtaining high-grade eligible collateral to post as initial and variation margin to central counterparty clearing houses (CCPs)

Posted on: 06 Oct, 2014
Posted in: Operational Risk

IBOR could help avert a collateral squeeze

Buy-side firms have been urged to embrace the Investment Book of Record (IBOR), a single source of portfolio calculations across asset classes, if they are to avoid a potential collateral squeeze once the mandatory clearing of over-the-counter (OT

Posted on: 01 Sep, 2014
Posted in: Technology

Collateral shortage unlikely with clearing, says LSE/DTCC paper

A collateral shortage is unlikely to materialise although firms could struggle to obtain collateral, according to a study by the London School of Economics (LSE), in conjunction with the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). 

Posted on: 18 Jun, 2014
Posted in: Operational Risk

Secure your sources of eligible collateral

Our North American members are almost used to clearing swaps by now, credit default and interest rate swaps having entered clearing on a mandatory basis in a phased process dating back to March this year.

Posted on: 09 Dec, 2013
Posted in: Regulation

Tim Reucroft, director at Investor Data Services, on collateral for CCPs

In the fourth in a series of seven short interviews with COOConnect, Tim Reucroft, director at Investor Data Services, discusses collateral for CCPs.

Posted on: 13 Aug, 2013
Posted in: Video Features

Interview with Renaud Huck of Eurex on collateral protection at CCPs

In the final of a three part series of interviews, Renaud Huck, head of buy-side relations at Eurex Clearing, speaks to COOConnect about collateral protection and what the CCP is doing to make this work in practice.

Posted on: 06 Aug, 2013
Posted in: Video Features

Issues for hedge fund COOs in 2013: Part 2

COOConnect looks at some of the issues affecting hedge fund COOs in 2013 in the second of its three part series.

Posted on: 02 Aug, 2013
Posted in: Investors


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