Alternative investors: preparing for the unknown entity

23 Dec, 2014

Mark Davies, General Manager of Avox, a wholly owned subsidiary of DTCC, discusses the long-term considerations firms must make in managing their legal entity data to meet AIFMD reporting requirements.

The hedge fund conundrum: Are funds meeting investor expectations or not?

27 Oct, 2014

How is it that one-day the headlines are filled with unmet expectations from hedge fund investments and the very next day we hear about record inflows and proclamations of $3 trillion in Assets under Management (AuM) by year end?

AIFMD: Taking Stock

11 Sep, 2014

The summer is over and alternative investment managers are back to work and adjusting to life post AIFMD. Many managers are taking stock of where things stand, starting to review how decisions they have taken are panning out in practice and considering their priorities for the months ahead.

Issues and Opportunities Facing the Hedge Fund Industry

04 Jun, 2014

At the end of 2013 the hedge fund industry is estimated to manage between $2.5 and $3.0 Trillion dollars, exceeding its pre-crisis high by almost all measures.

Optimism of American managers shows they are ahead of the regulatory curve

Conversations with London or European chief operating officers (COOs) now tread a familiar path.

Posted on: 24 Feb, 2014
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The problem in investment banking is structural, not moral

This week I was privileged to take part in a formal discussion between investment bankers on the merits and demerits of “partnerships” between banks.

Posted on: 24 Feb, 2014
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Dominic Hobson Presentation at the Global Custody Forum 2013

12 Dec, 2013

What is the emerging shape of the securities services world and how is declining profitability impacting future operating models?

Ignore equity research costs at your peril

Equity commission management is not at the top of the priority list of fund managers anywhere.

Posted on: 27 Sep, 2013
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Investors are basing hedge fund investment decisions on misleading performance data

An academic study sheds an interesting light on the debate between hedge fund managers and investors over whether investors should be entitled to see the contents of Form PF.

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2013
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Hedge funds and the rise of due diligence - by Paul Taylor, Director of Global Matching at SWIFT

06 Aug, 2013

Recent analysis showed that 70 per cent of hedge funds’ operational teams now have veto authority over the investment decision-making process. Further, almost 60% of investors observe daily operations processes during a typical operational due diligence (ODD) review - and more start-up managers are being almost mandated to invest in people and process from an operations perspective.


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