Out of all the European regulations to affect strategy, MiFID II is expected to be the biggest priority for investment managers, with MiFID II investment research rules being highlighted as a key strategic challenge in a survey conducted by...

Posted on: 26 Oct, 2015

They make up one chapter out of 12 in a set of recently revised rules published by just one regulator. Yet it would not be hyperbolic to describe the new client money rules set out in the Client Asset Sourcebook (CASS) of the United Kingdom...

Posted on: 21 Oct, 2015
Posted in: Feature, Legal, Regulation
It was ironic that the first Transparency Symposium organized by the Transparency Task Force, an organization dedicated to driving up the levels of transparency in financial services,should take place in London on the same day as it emerged that...
Posted on: 08 Oct, 2015
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The depositary aspect of the AIFMD was a source of concern before and during implementation. But now the new regime has just finished celebrating its first birthday, Ian Kelly, CEO Augentius, sat down with some of the company’s depositary clients...

Posted on: 05 Oct, 2015
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Independent valuation of assets is crucial for fund managers if they want to demonstrate transparency and adherence to best governance standards to their institutional investors.

Posted on: 05 Oct, 2015
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COO Connect spoke to Chris Bates, chief commercial officer of Abide Financial, about the firm's activities as a reporting hub across multiple regulations and jurisdictions.
Posted on: 01 Oct, 2015
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Custodian banks have long under-charged for the risks they absorb on behalf of their clients. For years, this was a strategic choice, in which they looked to get paid for exploiting the assets rather than looking after them. Even as those...

Posted on: 28 Sep, 2015
Posted in: Regulation

Blooom is a mid-Western financial adviser with a revolutionary idea. It is to give honest advice to millions of Americans with 401(k) defined contribution retirement plans – cutting management and transaction costs and choosing appropriate...

Posted on: 25 Sep, 2015
Posted in: Feature
The alternative fund administration arm of BNP Paribas Securities emerged this morning from its post-prandial hibernation. The bank completed the acquisition of the hedge fund administration business of Credit Suisse in June this year.
Posted on: 24 Sep, 2015
Posted in: Feature
COO Connect spoke to Collin Coleman, CEO of Abide Financial, about ICAP's investment into the firm, and what it means for both parties going forward.
Posted on: 14 Sep, 2015
Posted in: Video Features


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