Webinar Review: The margining of uncleared swaps is coming

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15 Mar, 2016

On Wednesday 9 March, COOConnect and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) hosted a webinar, The margining of uncleared swaps is coming.

Margining rules for swap transactions in the US and Europe are set to come into effect on 1 September this year. How ready is the industry for this? What do market participants need to do in order to be ready? What will the impact of this shift in practice mean for the industry?

The topics discussed included:

  • Coping with different rules in different jurisdictions
  • State of readiness of the fund management industry for the new rules
  • Coping with increases in margin call volume
  • Obtaining cash to meet margin calls
  • Difficulty of cross-currency collateralisation
  • Coping with standardised or risk-based initial margin models
  • Difficulty of coping with concentration limits
  • Managing re-documentation of client CSAs
  • Managing legacy OTC derivative positions
  • Segregation of collateral
  • Rehypothecation of collateral
  • For the presentation from the webinar please click here

    For an audio replay of the session, please click on the below player:

    The session was hosted by Dominic Hobson, founder of COOConnect, and featured Moris Danon of Omgeo, Jaki Walsh of Derivati Consulting, Allan Yip of Simmons & Simmons, Nick Steele of Barclays and Alastair Thomas of Wells Fargo.