SEI enhances pricing and valuation validation system for managers

Operational RiskTechnology
06 Jan, 2011

SEI has enhanced its asset pricing and valuation validation solution for investment managers.

The system, which leverages the independent valuation and pricing models of more than ten industry third party pricing providers, is designed to provide managers with more accurate and independent pricing verification.

The product aims to help managers address the challenges they are facing when valuing their investments, which is caused by rapidly changing liquidity and volatility in the global securities markets.

It is also designed to meet the growing investor demands for transparency, especially with the incoming, stricter regulation coming to the fore.

Managers can access the pricing reports through SEI’s online Manager Dashboard tool. Clients will also be able to obtain valuation variance reports detailing price comparisons, model inputs and assumptions.

Jean Ebbott, solutions director at SEI’s investment manager services division, said the new tool would enable managers to focus more on portfolio management and investors, rather than on their operations.