Guernsey at cutting edge

25 Nov, 2009

Guernsey ’s leading position as a jurisdiction of choice for new and innovative funds has been strengthened with the launch of a new scheme that invests in the collectables market.

Launched by investment advisory boutique Emotional Assets Management & Research LLP (EAMR), the Guernsey-domiciled “Emotional Assets Fund 1 Limited”, will invest in a diversified set of ‘Emotional Assets’ across some 15 sectors of the collectables market, from fine art and rare stamps to vintage jewellery and rare manuscripts.

Christopher Anderson, partner and part of the legal team from Bedell Cristin, Guernsey, said: “We are pleased to have been involved with this innovative investment fund. The Guernsey authorised qualifying investment fund (QIF) regime, and the rules applicable to close ended vehicles, are ideal for this type of structure. It is pleasing to see that clients recognise the benefits and flexibility of the QIF regime."