This posting is the second article in a series being run by Thomas Murray Data Services.  It focuses on the context in which the terms of Brexit will be finalised between the UK and the EU as regards post-trade financial services.

Posted on: 14 Sep, 2016

The UK voted to leave the EU in an historic referendum at the end of June, with huge consequences for everyone living and working in the country and the wider continent.

Posted on: 14 Sep, 2016
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Brexit and Post-Trade:  First Thoughts and Questions (Thomas Murray)

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Posted on: 14 Sep, 2016
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With the AIFMD having imposed stringent regulatory and supervisory standards over EU Fund Managers (AIFMs), regulators and others have questioned the need for similar levels of regulatory oversight over funds – particularly those servicing the needs...
Posted on: 28 Jul, 2016
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The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), which took effect on 3 July 2016, introduces harmonised measures across the European Union’s member states.

Posted on: 22 Jul, 2016
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A serious conflict of interest has arisen in the European funds industry.

Posted on: 07 Jul, 2016

There has always been a tension between governments and businesses when it comes to the imposition of regulation.

Posted on: 29 Jun, 2016
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Hedge fund market intelligence platform AltX has evolved.

Posted on: 27 Jun, 2016

In March 2014, George Osbourne announced a major overhaul of the hugely popular individual savings account, commonly known as an ISA.

Posted on: 22 Jun, 2016
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The issue of cybersecurity, and the rising, fast-evolving threat of cyber attacks, is high on the agenda for many private equity and real estate managers.

Posted on: 20 Jun, 2016


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