Citadel Solutions Tapped as Administrator to New York-based private investment group

Fund Administration
31 Jul, 2008

Chicago - Citadel Solutions announced today that Khronos LLC, a New York based private investment group with $3.5 billion assets under management, has chosen Citadel Solutions as its new administrator.

Khronos selected Chicago-based Citadel Solutions to provide full-service administration and middle-office functions across the spectrum of Khronos operations, including its:
• Portfolios of hedge funds
• Direct investments and trading accounts
• Portfolios of private equity funds.

"We put a premium on strong operations, accurate information and flawless execution," said Rafael Mayer, Managing Partner at Khronos. "We are pleased to partner with Citadel Solutions to leverage their technology, processes and people to maximize our own operations and allow us to focus on our investments."

The agreement includes automated feeds from Citadel Solutions that allow Khronos to synchronize portfolio and accounting data within proprietary, in-house systems."Complex financial environments demand high performance, "Citadel Solutions President John Buckley said.

"Khronos is an innovative firm, and we are excited to help them optimize the speed, operational excellence and transparency of each transaction across asset classes. Khronos will be a valued partner as we continue enhancing our platform with a focus on adding value to our client's front office and decision making processes."