Augentius and KNEIP launch joint AIFMD reporting service

Fund Administration
26 Sep, 2014

Augentius, the private equity and real estate fund administrator, in conjunction with Luxembourg-based service provider KNEIP, has launched an AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) reporting service.

The service allows fund managers to completely outsource their regulatory reporting, or to simply leverage the software and technology to compile reports internally. Clients can migrate across different service levels as they develop expertise in the regulatory reporting requirements.

“The deadline for the first tranche of AIFMD reporting couldn’t come at a worse time for private equity and real estate managers. Chief financial officers already have enough on their plate delivering to investors and assisting with hectic deal flows. The last thing they want is another onerous and alien reporting burden, the details of which are still unclear in many jurisdictions even at this late hour,” said Ian Kelly, chief executive officer at Augentius.

Annex IV reporting does require an enormous amount of work. Annex IV consists of 301 data fields to populate and requires managers to provide information on instruments traded, borrowings, exposures, stress test results and leverage. Firms are expected to submit Annex IV 30 days after the end of each quarter, although funds of hedge funds and funds of private equity funds can provide the report 45 days after the quarter end. This can cause a mismatch with valuation cycles.

Private equity managers with more than €500 million are affected. Unleveraged private equity firms irrespective of AuM must submit an Annex IV annually. 

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