COOConnect is a hub for fund management industry knowledge with News, Features, Resident Experts, Research, Data, Webinars and much more.

Think of an iceberg. The public section of the site is what you can see now, but there is plenty more depth to COOConnect below the visible surface. To break into the COOConnect iceberg and go below the exterior you need to become a member.

The membership side of COOConnect is a peer group network open to Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs), and heads of Operational Due Diligence (ODD) at fund management companies managing alternative investment strategies or a combination of alternative and traditional investment strategies, or funds of fund companies invested in the same or similar combinations of strategies. Membership is free for individuals authenticated as falling into one of these categories.

If this is you and you want to have access to relevant up-to-date content that could give you an edge, all you need to do is sign up for free membership!

COOConnect - the peer group network for fund managers

What does membership do for you?

Once the team at COOConnect verify and approve your membership (we verify each one personally to ensure you are working in the buy-side sector of alternative investment), you will have access to all the following features:

Resident Experts

This area of the website is very active with questions submitted by members and answers posted by COOConnect’s specially selected group of Resident Experts. Members of COOConnect can ask our Resident Experts their questions anonymously, with the experts' responses then visible to all members and experts. The follow-up conversation can either continue on the platform or offline by contacting the expert directly - that is completely up to you.


The industry is constantly evolving. Keeping up to date with the latest regulation or due diligence best practices can be challenging, so we do what we can to help. We post relevant documents for our members to view and download, in the hope that it will make your operational process just that little bit more straight-forward. We also post the reports from COOConnect research here – members have access to all the COOConnect survey and poll reports.

Friday Wrap-Up

The Friday wrap-up newsletter delivers fresh weekly content from the COOConnect team specifically to members only, edited by founding partner Dominic Hobson and editor Charles Gubert. The newsletter also contains the latest updates on forthcoming events, current research and general developments at COOConnect. And as it’s on a Friday, we also provide a fun feature for our members to enjoy – just a couple of minutes to spend on something a little bit more light-hearted to end the working week.

Poll Other Members

Do you want to gauge the opinion of your peers in the industry? If so, as a member you can create a short poll for other members to answer. You create the question and answer options, and once verified by the COOConnect team, all members will be given the opportunity to vote.

Other Possibilities

We always want to hear from our members. If you have any suggestions on something you would like to see, let us know. Research ideas are always very welcome.

Contact Us

If you get lost or unsure of any item on the platform we are happy to help. COOConnect can even schedule you in for a personalised tour! All the contact information for the COOConnect team can be found on the Contact Us page. If you have any questions, get in touch.