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COO Connect Editorial: Interview with Leigh Walters, executive director and head of global sales at Omgeo

It has been almost two years since post-trade service provider Omgeo and EuroCCP, the pan-European clearing house, announced they had joined forces in launching a pan-European equities central counterparty (CCP) clearing service for hedge fund tra

Posted on: 03 May, 2011

COO Connect Editorial: Interview with William Cohan, author

It has been more than 142 years since Marcus Goldman founded what has become the bastion of Wall Street capitalism.

Posted on: 26 Apr, 2011

How hedge funds should worry about cash

Many hedge funds ended 2010 between 20 and 40 per cent invested in cash.

Posted on: 28 Feb, 2011

Facebook for Forex cuts the costs of FX bargains: An Integral part of business

Integral has a simple idea: to cut the cost of foreign exchange trading by using technology to widen the number of counterparties market participants can do business with.

Posted on: 20 Jan, 2011

Nobody's puppet marketer

The hedge fund industry continues to attract capital, but in modest amounts, and at speeds which are uncomfortably slow.

Posted on: 05 Jan, 2011

How to market a fund successfully in Asia

Triple A Partners is a third party marketing organisation based in Hong Kong. Its CEO Paul Smith told COOConnect that Asian investors are little different from their counterparts in Europe and North America.

Posted on: 05 Jan, 2011

BBH’s Christine Donovan puts the record straight on her future

Securities lending industry insiders were surprised by news that industry legend Christine Donovan might be leaving Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), where her longstanding vision of how business should be conducted has proved admirably w

Posted on: 15 Dec, 2010

Broker of choice

Merlin Securities is a six year old introducing broker that specialises in helping hedge funds find the right prime brokerage and trading services, including access to best execution irrespective of the instrument and the execution venue.

Posted on: 15 Dec, 2010

Need for Speed: Providing real-time information to algorithmic traders

Light travelling around the Earth’s equator, a house fly’s wing flap and the time taken by the human brain to recognise the emotion on a facial expression – all of these events take milliseconds to occur.

Posted on: 26 Nov, 2010

CEO Akhshaya Bhargava on the Butterfield Fulcrum managed accounts platform

It is not hard to see why hedge fund managers are unenthusiastic about managed accounts. They make it harder to trade and easier for investors to exit, because assets are always held in the name of the managed account and not of the fund manager.

Posted on: 01 Aug, 2010


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