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Retail assets in liquid alternatives to triple by 2017, according to Citi Prime Finance

Retail investors could pile up to $939 billion into liquid alternatives by 2017, or three times today’s levels, according to a study by Citi Prime Finance.

Posted on: 17 May, 2013
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UK regulator may spark a revolution in how fund managers buy broker research

At a time of desultory returns, with performance fees still a distant memory at many funds and plenty languishing below high water marks, the scope to use investors’ money to cover the cost of managing that money is a lively topic of discussion.

Posted on: 30 Apr, 2013
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Risk-averse investors embracing launch hedge funds, J.P. Morgan study shows

Risk-averse institutional investors such as pension plans and insurers are increasingly putting capital to work at launch hedge funds, a survey by J.P. Morgan’s Capital Introductions Group has found.

Posted on: 02 Apr, 2013
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Prime brokerage will survive despite falling profit margins, bank exec tells Markit conference

Prime brokerage will survive, and will continue to evolve despite ever declining profit margins, a senior executive at a bulge bracket prime broker has told the Markit Securities Financing Forum in London.

Posted on: 13 Mar, 2013
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Institutional investors predict further hedge fund growth, according to Credit Suisse survey

Institutional investors predict global hedge fund AuM will grow 10% in 2013 to $2.42 trillion, an all-time record, while long/short equity was identified as the most sought after strategy, according to Credit Suisse’s hedge fund investor survey.

Posted on: 08 Mar, 2013
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Growing number of hybrid fund structures coming to market, says J.P. Morgan

A growing number of credit-focused hedge funds are coming to market offering hybrid fund structures more akin to private equity models although investor interest has yet to take-off, a report by J.P. Morgan prime brokerage has said.

Posted on: 01 Mar, 2013
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PBs warned on short-termist behaviour with unprofitable hedge fund clients

Prime brokers have been advised to take a less short-termist approach to unprofitable or underperforming hedge fund clients.

Posted on: 28 Feb, 2013
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Boutique primes could flourish in Europe despite poor US track record

Boutique prime brokers or “mini primes” could potentially flourish in Europe despite their less-than-stellar track record in the US, it has been argued.

Posted on: 27 Feb, 2013
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Investors display lower hedge fund return expectations, Deutsche Bank survey shows

Investors have lowered their return expectations for hedge funds although predict the industry will grow by roughly 11% with AuM reaching $2.5 trillion by year-end 2013, according to Deutsche Bank’s Alternative Investor Survey.

Posted on: 25 Feb, 2013
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2013 will be year of 40 Act Funds, predicts Citi Prime Finance

Citi Prime Finance has predicted more hedge funds will adopt 40 Act Fund structures as they seek to broaden their distribution channels and appeal to conservative, fee conscious pension funds and retail clients.

Posted on: 04 Feb, 2013
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