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Primes increasingly targeting RIAs amid growth in regulated alternatives

Capital introductions teams at prime brokers are increasingly working with registered investment advisers (RIAs), brokerage platforms and other fund distributors as growth in liquid alternatives such as ’40 Act hedge funds continues, a senior exec

Posted on: 29 Oct, 2013
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Consultants control $830 billion of hedge fund AuM, according to Barclays study

Investment consultants now control roughly $830 billion of the $2.5 trillion invested in hedge funds, according to a study by Barclays Prime Finance.

Posted on: 28 Aug, 2013
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Multi-strategy managers likely to bolster treasury operations as PB financing costs grow

Large, multi-strategy hedge funds are bolstering their treasury operations as prime brokerage financing costs continue to grow, it has been said.

Posted on: 20 Aug, 2013
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T+2 provides prime brokers with another reason to terminate a client

Being terminated by a prime broker, unceremoniously or otherwise, can sound the death-knell for a hedge fund. If the principal counter-party no longer wants the business, it is a signal that no one else should either.

Posted on: 29 Jul, 2013
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Trade fails at hedge funds could lead to PBs rethinking relationships

Prime brokers could increasingly re-think relationships with some hedge fund clients if managers prove unable to reduce the number of trade fails or mismatches during the settlement process, particularly once the EU’s Central Securities Depository

Posted on: 17 Jul, 2013
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Global Prime Partners makes in-roads in APAC

Global Prime Partners, the boutique prime broker, is expanding into the Asian markets with the appointment of hedge fund industry veteran Rupert Street as COO in Hong Kong.

Posted on: 09 Jul, 2013
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Growth of ODD clout continues, according to Deutsche Bank study

Seventy per-cent of operational due diligence (ODD) teams at institutional investors have explicit veto authority over hedge fund allocations, and this was exercised in almost 10% of manager reviews in 2012, according to a Deutsche Bank prime brok

Posted on: 01 Jul, 2013
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Hedge funds diversifying product lines, says Barclays

A growing number of larger hedge funds are diversifying their product lines in order to attract more assets in this low-growth environment, according to a

Posted on: 14 Jun, 2013
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How investment banking went from trust to transactions

Hedge fund managers have a love - hate relationship with their prime brokers. In fact, the mutual dependence has aspects of the master-slave about it.

Posted on: 04 Jun, 2013
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Consultants' growth continues, says Goldman Sachs Prime Brokerage survey

The clout of consultants continues to grow, with 65% of pension funds and 45% of insurers acknowledging they use such advisors when making hedge fund allocations, according to the 2013 Goldman Sachs Prime Brokerage survey.

Posted on: 03 Jun, 2013
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