The problem in investment banking is structural, not moral

This week I was privileged to take part in a formal discussion between investment bankers on the merits and demerits of “partnerships” between banks.

Posted on: 24 Feb, 2014
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Dominic Hobson Presentation at the Global Custody Forum 2013

12 Dec, 2013

What is the emerging shape of the securities services world and how is declining profitability impacting future operating models?

Ignore equity research costs at your peril

Equity commission management is not at the top of the priority list of fund managers anywhere.

Posted on: 27 Sep, 2013
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Investors are basing hedge fund investment decisions on misleading performance data

An academic study sheds an interesting light on the debate between hedge fund managers and investors over whether investors should be entitled to see the contents of Form PF.

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2013
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Hedge funds and the rise of due diligence - by Paul Taylor, Director of Global Matching at SWIFT

06 Aug, 2013

Recent analysis showed that 70 per cent of hedge funds’ operational teams now have veto authority over the investment decision-making process. Further, almost 60% of investors observe daily operations processes during a typical operational due diligence (ODD) review - and more start-up managers are being almost mandated to invest in people and process from an operations perspective.

Whither Now Goest Securities Lending? By Richard Marin

I have just finished teaching my course on securities lending.  That course and another on the global pension market sprang from my introductory Search for Alpha course on hedge funds at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Posted on: 18 Feb, 2013
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Who dares to defy the banks and manage collateral for fund managers? By Dominic Hobson

Fund managers are ready to buy an independent collateral management service. It is not hard to see why. It is increasingly difficult to borrow money in the repo markets or stock in the reverse repo markets without posting collateral.

Posted on: 21 Sep, 2012
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Lawrence of Arabia meets The Marlboro Man: Why Controversy and Advertising are Good for Hedge Fund Investors: By Richard Marin

Simon Lack has caused a bit of a stir in the industry by publishing his book The Hedge Fund Mirage: The Illusion of Big Money and Why it’s Too Good to be True.

Posted on: 20 Sep, 2012
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Wrestling with Regulators by Richard Marin

What a year we have had in the C-Suite of the world’s major financial institutions.

Posted on: 23 Jul, 2012
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