Sonia Maloney of Norrep on the Needs of the Asset Management Community from Custody Side

GCF spoke to Sonia Maloney, COO at Norrep Capital Management, on the needs of the Asset Management Community from the Custody side, at the 2015 Global Custody Forum in London.
Posted on: 16 Dec, 2015

Does the Hedge Fund industry benefit society?

25 Mar, 2015

It is no secret that the hedge fund industry is viewed negatively by a large portion of the general public, but should it be? The average person is inundated with negative articles creating the image that: 1.) Most hedge fund managers are dishonest and frequently commit fraud or violate insider trading laws. 2.) Hedge funds are highly risky investments. 3.) Their devious actions are bad for the general public. 4.) Hedge funds generate bad performance and their fees are too high.

Cyber resilience core to safeguarding investment value

The warning by the Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee last month that financial firms in the UK are underestimating the threat of cybercrime, coupled with recent high-profile blow-by-blow media accounts of companies under attack, are set to keep cyber resilience firmly on corporate governance agendas.

Posted on: 16 Jan, 2015
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10 Predictions for the Alternative Investment Fund Depositary market in 2015

INDOS Financial Limited, the UK independent AIFMD depositary, sets out its predictions for developments that will impact the depositary market for alternative investment funds in 2015.

Posted on: 12 Jan, 2015
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CalPERS rethink puts spotlight on hedge fund infrastructures

Was CalPERS’ decision merely a blip, or a sign of things to come for the hedge fund industry?

Posted on: 07 Jan, 2015
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Agecroft Partners’ Top Hedge Fund Industry Trends for 2015

05 Jan, 2015

Each year, Agecroft Partners predicts the top hedge fund industry trends through their contact with more than two thousand institutional investors and hundreds of hedge fund organisations.

The hedge fund conundrum: Are funds meeting investor expectations or not?

27 Oct, 2014

How is it that one-day the headlines are filled with unmet expectations from hedge fund investments and the very next day we hear about record inflows and proclamations of $3 trillion in Assets under Management (AuM) by year end?

AIFMD: Taking Stock

11 Sep, 2014

The summer is over and alternative investment managers are back to work and adjusting to life post AIFMD. Many managers are taking stock of where things stand, starting to review how decisions they have taken are panning out in practice and considering their priorities for the months ahead.

Issues and Opportunities Facing the Hedge Fund Industry

04 Jun, 2014

At the end of 2013 the hedge fund industry is estimated to manage between $2.5 and $3.0 Trillion dollars, exceeding its pre-crisis high by almost all measures.

Optimism of American managers shows they are ahead of the regulatory curve

Conversations with London or European chief operating officers (COOs) now tread a familiar path.

Posted on: 24 Feb, 2014
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