Operational Risk

IRS could struggle to reciprocate on FATCA IGAs

The IRS could struggle to reciprocate details on non-US accountholders in US financial institutions with countries which have signed intergovernmental agreements (IGAs) on FATCA, it has been warned.

Posted on: 09 Oct, 2012

PB costs to increase for managers, warns Barclays Prime Services report

Prime brokerage costs will increase for hedge funds as regulation forces PBs to bolster their capital buffers while seeking secured financing for longer terms, a report by Barclays Prime Services has said.

Posted on: 08 Oct, 2012

Uncertainty continues around EU shorting rules

Hedge funds are still in flux about the EU’s latest proposals on short-selling, industry experts have said.  

Posted on: 08 Oct, 2012

December 2012 Form PF filing will be bigger challenge, says fund admin

The December 2012 filing deadline for Form PF will be a bigger challenge than the June filing, while more work needs to be done to customise the entire process for hedge fund clients, a major fund administrator has said.

Posted on: 03 Oct, 2012

Transition to swap trading looks messy, SEF report suggests: By Dominic Hobson

The accelerating transition of swaps to a new world of centralised clearing has obscured the concomitant regulatory push towards electronic trading.

Posted on: 02 Oct, 2012

Regulation boosts managed accounts uptake

Regulation could be a major driver in pushing hedge funds onto managed accounts. Experts have also said there has been a surge in interest in fund structures, which are in effect co-mingled managed accounts.

Posted on: 25 Sep, 2012

Rehypothecation caps in EU would hurt PBs and hedge funds, warns industry experts

A stringent regulatory cap on rehypothecation would limit prime brokers’ ability to provide financing against illiquid instruments at hedge funds, while it would almost certainly push costs up at managers, a senior executive at Citi Prime Services

Posted on: 24 Sep, 2012

Asset managers lagging on MiFID II preparations, says PwC

MiFID II - more work for compliance executives

Posted on: 19 Sep, 2012

Hedge fund assets in prime custody surges, says BNY Mellon/Finadium report

Hedge fund assets in prime custody have jumped by 40% to $684 billion since 2010, according to a study by BNY Mellon and Finadium.

Posted on: 12 Sep, 2012

Australian regulation could force managers to change their fee structures

Hedge funds marketing to Australian superannuation schemes could be forced to change their fee structures if they are to be compliant with the country’s proposed “Stronger Super” legislation.

Posted on: 10 Sep, 2012


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