Operational Risk

OTC derivatives clearing reform to pose operational and technology challenges for hedge funds, says Citi white paper

Hedge funds need to revamp their operational and technology infrastructures and processes if they are to become fully compliant with the rules governing over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives clearing, according to a Citi white paper.

Posted on: 13 Jul, 2011

Hedge fund managers embraced Ucits for wrong reasons, leading fund administrator says

Many hedge fund managers which embraced Ucits did so for the wrong reasons, according to the chairman of a leading fund administrator.

Posted on: 11 Jul, 2011

Hedge funds not systemically important, says AIMA

Hedge funds should not be designated systemically important financial institutions by regulatory authorities, according to the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the hedge fund industry body.

Posted on: 07 Jul, 2011

Derivatives regulation could increase market risk, policymakers are warned

Plans to overhaul derivatives trading could result in regulators having an increasingly fragmented view of financial market activity making it difficult for them to prevent a concentration of risk, US and European Union (EU) policymakers have been

Posted on: 06 Jul, 2011

Hedge fund managers express concern over cyber crime

Hedge fund managers are becoming increasingly alarmed about the threats posed by cyber-attacks to their businesses.

Posted on: 04 Jul, 2011

UK Bribery Act becomes law

The UK Bribery Act, widely considered to one of the most stringent pieces of anti-corruption legislation in the world, has come into place.

Posted on: 01 Jul, 2011

Many hedge funds still not novating CDS transactions with trading counterparties

Many hedge funds trading credit default swaps (CDS) are still failing to novate these transactions with their trading counterparties, according to an industry expert.

Posted on: 29 Jun, 2011
Posted in: Operational Risk

UK hedge fund managers warned on Dodd Frank

UK hedge fund managers need to ensure they are still prepared for registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) despite the US regulators’ decision to push back the deadline until March 2012.

Posted on: 28 Jun, 2011

News analysis: The future for FoHFs

Funds of hedge funds (FoHFs) should become more open to investor demands for managed accounts if they are to retain their clients going forward.

Posted on: 27 Jun, 2011

Institutional investors increasingly demanding independent investor level NAV valuation from managers

A growing number of institutional investors are increasingly asking hedge fund managers to independently valuate the investor level net asset value (NAV) they receive from their administrator.

Posted on: 24 Jun, 2011


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