Operational Risk

Italy and Spain introduce shorting bans amid volatility

Spain and Italy have both re-introduced temporary short-selling bans amid market volatility in the eurozone.

Posted on: 23 Jul, 2012

Improvements still required by managers on Bribery Act compliance

Hedge funds and other buy-side firms must undertake greater due diligence on intermediaries, particularly in foreign jurisdictions, so as to ensure tota

Posted on: 19 Jul, 2012

Eurex urges managers not to panic about regulatory arbitrage with swaps clearing

The regulatory arbitrage between the US and EU on mandatory clearing is not as acute as widely assumed and buy-side firms should not panic needlessly, advised Eurex, the Frankfurt-based clearing house.

Posted on: 17 Jul, 2012

AIMA welcomes US liberalisation of rules on hedge fund solicitation

Liberalisation of hedge fund marketing and advertising rules in the US has been welcomed by AIMA although the industry body urged only accredited investors be allowed to allocate into hedge funds.

Posted on: 13 Jul, 2012

Hedge funds must hurry up with CFTC registration

Hedge funds must “hurry up” with CFTC registration now that US regulators have agreed upon a definition of what constitutes a swap, Kinetic Partners, a London-ba

Posted on: 12 Jul, 2012

Private placement rules not excuse for complacency, states IMS

Private placement should not be viewed as a “big concession” by regulators, nor should managers become complacent about its implications, The IMS Group has said.

Posted on: 12 Jul, 2012

Hedge fund start-ups higher calibre

Hedge fund start-ups higher calibre but challenges remain, warns Deutsche Bank exec

Posted on: 10 Jul, 2012

Non-US hedge funds behind curve on CFTC registration

A significant number of non-US hedge funds appear to be behind the curve with their preparations for CFTC registration, a leading US law firm has warned.

Posted on: 06 Jul, 2012

Concerns over Ucits V depositary liability provisions

There is consternation in several quarters about the strict depositary liability provisions contained in the European Commission’s latest Ucits V draft.

Posted on: 05 Jul, 2012

Hedge funds warned against moving to less regulated markets as extraterritoriality starts to bite

Increased extraterritoriality is closing the ability for alternative managers to decamp to less regulated jurisdictions to escape EU and US rules, The IMS Group has said.

Posted on: 05 Jul, 2012


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