FINRA proposal “intrusive” towards investors, leading law firm states

The decision by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulation Authority), the US securities’ firms regulator, to force hedge fund investors to disclose their business interests in initial public offerings (IPOs) is “intrusive” and excessive, a leading inte

Posted on: 28 Oct, 2011

SEC reprieve on Form PF not an excuse for hedge fund complacency, experts warn

Hedge funds must avoid complacency at all costs following the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) partial reprieve on Form PF reporting requirements, experts have warned.

Posted on: 27 Oct, 2011

Proposed EU clampdown on HFT will have minimal impact on hedge funds

European Union (EU) proposals clamping down on high-frequency traders (HFT) will have minimal impact on quant or systematic hedge funds, sources have said.

Posted on: 20 Oct, 2011

EU to implement ban on naked sovereign CDS

A ban on naked short-selling of sovereign credit default swaps (CDS) is likely to be imposed in the European Union (EU) following agreement from MEPs and member states.

Posted on: 19 Oct, 2011

GAIM OPS 2011 Geneva: Hedge funds being tested with incoming regulation, states multi-billion dollar shop

Hedge funds are being seriously tested by the stream of regulation stemming from the European Union (EU) and US, a partner at a multi-billion dollar hedge fund has said at GAIM OPS 2011 in Geneva.

Posted on: 14 Oct, 2011

GAIM OPS 2011 Geneva: Swiss reforms to CISA could hurt boutiques

Proposals by FINMA, the Swiss regulator, to revise parts of the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes (CISA) could hurt smaller, boutique hedge funds.

Posted on: 13 Oct, 2011

Russia could become major financial player if radical changes are imposed, states hedge fund

Russia has the potential to become a major financial centre and player in the alternatives space providing the rule of law is imposed, a leading Russian-focused hedge fund has said.

Posted on: 10 Oct, 2011

HFT hedge funds would shun EU if financial transactions tax is imposed, Aite Group warns

High frequency trading hedge funds would leave London en masse if the European Union’s (EU) proposed financial transactions tax is implemented, according to research and advisory firm Aite Group.

Posted on: 05 Oct, 2011

Hedge fund regulation should not be feared, stresses Cairn Capital CRO

Hedge funds should take a more proactive approach towards global regulation, highlighted the chief risk officer at asset manager Cairn Capital, which has $24.1 billion in assets under management and long term advice.

Posted on: 04 Oct, 2011

Industry organisations warn derivatives reform could reduce choice

Industry organisations have warned European legislators that derivatives reform could lead to reduced choice and have called for an introduction of open access for clearing and trading.

Posted on: 03 Oct, 2011
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