Leading prime brokers and CCPs to discuss centralised clearing of OTC derivatives at hedge fund peer group network launch event

COO Connect, a peer group networking organisation for chief operating officers (COOs) and their colleagues working in operations at hedge funds and other fund managers running alternative investment strategies, is hosting a seminar on the practica

Posted on: 18 May, 2011

EFAMA allays fears about illiquid strategies being shoehorned into Ucits

Concerns that complex investment strategies and derivatives instruments are being shoehorned into Ucits vehicles have been partially allayed by the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).

Posted on: 16 May, 2011

Rajaratnam found guilty of 14 charges

Raj Rajaratnam, co-founder of the $3 billion hedge fund Galleon Group and one-time billionaire, has been found guilty on 14 counts of conspiracy and securities fraud charges in the largest hedge fund insider trading scheme in history.

Posted on: 11 May, 2011
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SEC raises asset threshold for private investors

Some retail investors might find themselves being excluded from allocating capital to hedge funds and other asset managers if the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gets its way.

Posted on: 11 May, 2011

Largest asset managers could be subject to massive regulation if US regulators deem them to be systemically risky

Large non-bank financial institutions, which could potentially include hedge funds and other buy-side firms, might find themselves subjected to burdensome regulatory requirements if US supervisory authorities deem them to be systemically risky to

Posted on: 22 Apr, 2011

US financial reform onerous, according to John Paulson

US financial reform has been dismissed as “text heavy” and “difficult to implement” by John Paulson, founder and chief executive officer at the $36 billion New York-based hedge fund Paulson & Co.

Posted on: 14 Apr, 2011
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Possible extention for hedge funds to register with SEC

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering giving hedge funds and private equity shops more time to register and be in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act.

Posted on: 12 Apr, 2011
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Algorithmics launches risk reporting product for hedge funds

Technology provider Algorithmics has launched a product to help hedge funds meet their increasingly stringent risk reporting and regulatory requirements.

Posted on: 11 Apr, 2011

Bermuda could benefit from US and EU regulations

Bermuda could be a net beneficiary of the impending regulatory reforms targeting hedge funds in the US and European Union (EU), according to several industry experts.

Posted on: 07 Apr, 2011
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Short selling rules could prompt managers to leave EU

The European Union’s (EU’s) proposed short-selling rules could prompt hedge fund managers to pull out of the EU and curb their exposure to the region.

Posted on: 06 Apr, 2011


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