Start-ups advised against domiciling in Switzerland

Start-up hedge fund managers have been advised against domiciling in Switzerland amid the mounting regulatory costs in the country.  

Posted on: 02 Oct, 2013
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First hedge fund movers in China must adopt long-termist approach

Hedge funds hoping to raise money in China through the Shanghai regulator’s Qualified Domestic Limited Partner (QDLP) programme will benefit from being the first movers into the space, but must accept they could incur losses for the first few year

Posted on: 19 Sep, 2013
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AIFMs unlikely to threaten Ucits

AIFMD is unlikely to pose a threat to the alternative Ucits industry, experts have said.

Posted on: 04 Sep, 2013
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Hedge Fund Association launches advisory board

The Hedge Fund Association (HFA), an industry group, has formed an academic advisory board to educate students about alternatives. 

Posted on: 27 Aug, 2013
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Carne Group becomes first AIFMD compliant independent management company

Carne Group has become the first AIFMD-compliant independent management company in the EU following approval from the Central Bank of Ireland.

Posted on: 21 Aug, 2013
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GLG launches absolute return UCITS fund

GLG Partners has launched an absolute return UCITS fund which will invest in a range of liquid asset classes, including equities, FX, sovereign bonds, currencies, credit, rates and commodities.
Posted on: 26 Jul, 2013
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Conflicts must be avoided if consultants launch FOF vehicles

Investment consultants considering launching their own funds of funds should make sure they avoid conflicts of interest, according to bfinance, the London-based investment consultancy.

Posted on: 24 Jul, 2013
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Seeding yet to recover, while start-up managers need more ops help, says Old Mutual

Investors are yet to rush back into seeding, although those that are have been advised to provide start-up managers with increased operational and infrastructural support to help facilitate better returns, a senior executive at Old Mutual Global I

Posted on: 11 Jul, 2013
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BNY Mellon gets Hong Kong regulatory approval for SMA business

BNY Mellon has received approval from Hong Kong’s Securities and Finance Commission (SFC) to establish a separately managed accounts business, the first of its kind in Asia. 

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2013
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"Twitter hedge fund" founder launches new firm

Paul Hawtin, founder of the so-called “Twitter hedge fund” back in 2011, has re-emerged to set up another investment firm employing a similar strategy.

Posted on: 24 Jun, 2013
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