GlobeOp unveils indices tracking hedge fund capital flows

Fund administrator GlobeOp is launching two indices which will track hedge fund capital flows on a monthly basis.

Posted on: 05 Apr, 2011

RAB Capital unveils two Ucits III-compliant funds

The $1.06 billion asset manager RAB Capital has launched two Ucits III-compliant funds – the RAB Global Mining and Resources Ucits fund and the RAB Gold and Precious Equities Ucits Funds.

Posted on: 04 Apr, 2011
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Institutional investors' appetite for hedge funds increases - Fitch Ratings

Institutional investor appetite for hedge funds grew in 2010 and looks set to increase again in 2011, according to Fitch Ratings.

Posted on: 01 Apr, 2011
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CQS and Schroders launch Ucits-compliant long/short credit fund

The $10.3 billion global multi-strategy hedge fund CQS has teamed up with Schroders to launch a Ucits-compliant long/short credit fund.

Posted on: 31 Mar, 2011
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Hong Kong and Singapore see doubling in number of billion dollar hedge funds

Hong Kong and Singapore have almost doubled their market share of billion dollar hedge funds over the last year, according to data from Hedge Fund Intelligence.

Posted on: 29 Mar, 2011

Hedge Funds Care kicks off 2012 at Boujis

Hedge Funds Care UK (HFC UK) kicked off 2012 with its annual spring fling raising £12,000 in what the charity’s founder Robert Mirsky believes will be a bumper year.

Posted on: 23 Mar, 2011
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JP Morgan unveils resource pack for hedge funds aiming to launch in Asia

JP Morgan Worldwide Securities Services has unveiled a resource guide aimed at helping hedge funds hoping to launch in Asia.

Posted on: 21 Mar, 2011

Seeders' viability questioned in light of competition from accelerator funds

Seeders could be forced to re-evaluate their business model in light of growing competition from accelerator funds for investors, it has been warned.

Posted on: 19 Mar, 2011
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Hedge fund launches exceeded liquidations in 2010 - HFR

Hedge fund launches outpaced liquidations in 2010 for the first time in three years, according to data from Hedge Fund Research (HFR).

Posted on: 03 Mar, 2011
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Factor Advisors launches spread ETFs on NYSE Arca

New York-based asset management firm Factor Advisors has launched a family of spread exchange traded funds (EFT) enabling investors to simultaneously hold a bull and a bear position in a single leveraged ETF.

Posted on: 25 Feb, 2011
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