Film Review: Too Big to Fail

It is somewhat alarming given the abundance of money and talent in Hollywood that it has taken almost three years to produce an intelligent film about the financial crisis.

Posted on: 19 Sep, 2011

Hedge fund launches exceed liquidations, HFR data shows

Hedge fund launches continued to outpace liquidations during the second quarter of 2011, according to data from the Chicago-based Hedge Fund Research (HFR).

Posted on: 14 Sep, 2011
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BNY Mellon expand hedge fund stress test service to money market funds

BNY Mellon and Investor Analytics, a risk management provider, have expanded their hedge fund stress testing service to cater for money market funds in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Posted on: 12 Sep, 2011

Swiss-based director dealing fund unveiled

A Swiss-based hedge fund is to become the first of its kind and invest solely in the reported share dealings of company directors and senior corporate executives in listed European and US companies.

Posted on: 05 Sep, 2011

Hong Kong and Singapore could become major hedge fund players, says HFR's Kenneth Heinz

Hong Kong and Singapore have the potential to become major hedge fund domiciles, according to Kenneth Heinz, president of the Chicago-based Hedge Fund Research (HFR).

Posted on: 31 Aug, 2011

Product launched to help hedge funds perform stress tests on banks

A New York-based consultancy has launched a service to help hedge funds perform stress tests on banks.

Posted on: 30 Aug, 2011

Moving from prop desk to hedge fund a major challenge, warns leading institutional investor

Moving from a proprietary trading desk at a major bank to a hedge fund environment is no easy feat, a leading institutional investor has warned.

Posted on: 25 Aug, 2011

Emerging market hedge funds see assets rise

Capital invested in emerging market-focused hedge funds increased by $1.4 billion during the second quarter of 2011 bringing total assets to a new record of $123 billion, according to data from the Chicago-based Hedge Fund Research.

Posted on: 25 Aug, 2011
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GlobeOp launches service to help funds meet SEC reporting deadlines

Fund administrator GlobeOp has launched a service to help firms meet the US Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) private fund (Form PF) reporting deadline in six months time.

Posted on: 18 Aug, 2011

COO Connect launches networking platform for buy-side COOs

COO Connect, a networking organisation for Chief Operating Officers (COOs) and their colleagues working in operations at alternative investment fund management firms, has launched its web-based networking platform, MyCOOConnect.

Posted on: 11 Aug, 2011
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