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Failure to invest in systems will spur more M&A in fund admins, says Butterfield Fulcrum

The inability of boutique fund administrators to invest in systems and technology catering to hedge funds’ regulatory reporting requirements will facilitate a new surge in M&A activity, the COO at the recently acquired Butterfield Fulcrum has

Posted on: 22 Jul, 2013

Citi launches Form PF reporting toolkit

Citi's fund administration business has unveiled a Form PF reporting tool for hedge fund managers.

Posted on: 02 Jul, 2013

Mitsubishi UFJ to acquire Butterfield Fulcrum

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (MUTB) is to acquire Butterfield Fulcrum, the Bermuda-based fund administrator in what is the latest M&A deal in the space.

Posted on: 21 Jun, 2013

Northern Trust launches online Form PF toolkit

Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services has unveiled an online tool to help streamline the Form PF submission process.

Posted on: 14 May, 2013

Fund administrators could struggle with multiple IGA reporting requirements

Hedge fund administrators whose clients operate in numerous jurisdictions could struggle with the multiple FATCA reporting requirements, Deloitte has warned.

Posted on: 23 Apr, 2013

Apex Fund Services unveils free office facilities and incubation services for launch managers

Apex Fund Services has unveiled free office facilities and fund incubation services to launch hedge funds.

Posted on: 25 Mar, 2013

BNY Mellon unveils Form PF reporting tool

BNY Mellon has unveiled a Form PF reporting tool for its fund administration clients.

Posted on: 19 Mar, 2013

Shadow fund administration debate-post Bridgewater is "passing phase"

Institutional investors are discussing shadow fund administration more with their hedge funds in light of the Bridgewater Associates-BNY Mellon-Northern Trust deal, although it is likely to be a passing phase, the co-CEO at Wells Fargo Global Fund

Posted on: 06 Mar, 2013

Shadow fund administration to become more prolific post-Bridgewater deal, says Northern Trust

Shadow fund administration is likely to become more frequent in light of the recent Bridgewater deal, the CEO of Northern Trust’s Hedge Fund Services business has said.

Posted on: 07 Feb, 2013

M&A to continue in fund admin space but not all lost for smaller shops just yet, says State Street AIS

Ninety-five percent of hedge fund administration will be undertaken by between six and eight providers within several years, although standalone firms are likely to be given a short-term reprieve if hedge fund performance and capital inflows pick

Posted on: 05 Feb, 2013


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