The benefits of independent valuation

Independent valuation of assets is crucial for fund managers if they want to demonstrate transparency and adherence to best governance standards to their institutional investors.

Posted on: 05 Oct, 2015
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The future of retail savings is Blooom

Blooom is a mid-Western financial adviser with a revolutionary idea. It is to give honest advice to millions of Americans with 401(k) defined contribution retirement plans – cutting management and transaction costs and choosing appropriate investments on behalf of individuals that are bewildered by the current system. The firm is also using digital technology to reach millions of potential customers without spending a fortune on distribution and marketing.

Posted on: 25 Sep, 2015
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BNP Paribas unveils hedge fund data management service

The alternative fund administration arm of BNP Paribas Securities emerged this morning from its post-prandial hibernation. The bank completed the acquisition of the hedge fund administration business of Credit Suisse in June this year.
Posted on: 24 Sep, 2015
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How to solve the problem of paying fund distributors the right amount in good time

The distribution of funds around the world has created complex and extended chains of banks, private banks, insurers, wealth managers, discretionary wealth managers, fund platforms and independent financial advisers (IFAs), all of which expect to be rebated trailer fees, at thousands of different rates, by hundreds of fund managers. A company not many people have heard of may be about to make a name for itself, by using technology to cut through the complexity.

Posted on: 11 Sep, 2015
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The looming possibility of Brexit underscores the need for data clarity

Tactical regulatory firefighting has distracted banks from their long-term strategic shift to an enterprise view of data. Mark Holland, Partner at and co-Founder of business transformation consultancy Holley Holland, explains how looming issues such as the possible Brexit highlight the urgency of this task.

Posted on: 08 Sep, 2015
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Emerging Hedge Fund Managers: Survival of the Fittest

You could be forgiven for thinking the term “emerging manager” carries some Darwinian connotations in today’s market. It certainly is no easy feat to survive, let alone thrive, in an increasingly complex and often threatening environment. Complexity continues forcing costs up and creating ever higher barriers to entry. Form PF reporting obligations required under Dodd-Frank in the US, the EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), short-selling rules, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MIFID II) and Solvency II are all increasing the workloads and operational requirements for fund managers at a time when soliciting steady capital from institutional investors is equally challenging.

Posted on: 19 Aug, 2015
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Two SEC commissioners demand a new rulebook for transfer agents

In a little noticed regulatory intervention, two commissioners at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States last month overruled a staff plan to issue a concept paper on a revision of the rules governing transfer agents – i

Posted on: 22 Jul, 2015
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Restoring Trust in Foreign Exchange

The global foreign exchange (FX) market is a paradox. With daily trading volume of around US$5 trillion, it’s the world’s deepest and most liquid financial market.

Posted on: 21 Jul, 2015
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Unlocking the hidden value in corporate actions

09 Jul, 2015

Maximising the value of corporate actions is one duty which fund managers and investors have found extremely difficulty to fulfil. The growing number and complexity of corporate actions, the volume of documentation that has to be mastered, and the low levels of automation, have conspired to make the default option the rational option. Now a group of former investment bankers have set up a service which might just democratize what hedge funds and proprietary trading desks have always known: there is hidden value in corporate actions for those who know what to look for, and how to seize it.

To Clear or not to Clear?

08 Jul, 2015

European pension funds enjoy a temporary exemption from the rigours of mandatory clearing of their OTC derivatives. That exemption could stretch to 2018 but a growing number reckon the costs and risks of delay now outweigh the costs and risks of clearing at a central counterparty. Why?


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