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Why HSBC dared to extend its sub-custody network to the United States

HSBC has added the United States to its network of markets in which the bank clears and custodies the assets of its clients directly. HSBC has done all this, with varying degrees of difficulty, in dozens of markets around the world.

Posted on: 09 Feb, 2016

New UK fund vehicle will give Cayman, Ireland and Luxembourg a run for their money

Fund managers have traditionally based their funds offshore to ensure they can distribute their funds to investors everywhere without worrying that the income and capital gains they generate might be taxed at a high

Posted on: 03 Feb, 2016

BEPs and Private Equity

Under the direction of the G20, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) was requested to examine in detail “base erosion and profit shifting” (BEPS). It published its first report in February 2013 entitled “Addressing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” and in July 2013 set out an “Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” identifying 15 areas that required addressing. The final reports were published in October 2015.
Posted on: 27 Jan, 2016

GAIA points the way to the automation of hedge fund subscriptions and redemptions

Bill Gourlay, who previously ran the fund management strategy group at RBC in London, arrived at investment management industry technology consultants Idea Group as CEO in December 2013.

Posted on: 21 Jan, 2016

Webinar review: Are you ready for the margining of uncleared swaps?

New rules on the margining of non-cleared OTC derivatives contracts start coming into force on 1 September 2016. These rules, which have yet to be completely finalised in either Europe or the United States, will impose additional costs, systems investments and operational complexities on fund managers that use OTC derivatives.
Posted on: 17 Dec, 2015

Webinar Review: Raising assets in Japan

COOConnect recently hosted a webinar with SuMI TRUST on the subject; Raising assets in Japan.

Posted on: 07 Dec, 2015

Could Phil Vasan return to the alternative investment industry?

The sale of the US private banking operations of Credit Suisse to Wells Fargo, agreed last month, has created an opportunity for an imaginative alternative investment fund manager or investment bank to secure the services of the kind of talent tha

Posted on: 20 Nov, 2015

Hedge Fund tune-up: can you risk sitting in front of investors if you haven’t lifted the hood?

Facing the prospect of scrutiny from new potential investors is daunting.  Performance has been good, the pitch book has been stressed over ad nauseum and then you realise that everyone is “short” business cards.

Posted on: 17 Nov, 2015

Treasury management: no longer the poor relation

Treasury operations within hedge funds have traditionally been the ‘poor relation’ to other functions, however, this is changing.

Posted on: 05 Nov, 2015

Buy-side urged to review custodians’ asset safekeeping arrangements

Asset managers and end investors should consider increased due diligence as to the way in which their assets are held in custody at their custodian banks following the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) £126 million fine of BNY Mellon.

Posted on: 20 Apr, 2015
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