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The reverse inquiry marketplace

Three years ago, former asset manager and capital markets professional, Peter Hans launched a public platform for fund managers and RIAs hoping to be discovered by investors.

Posted on: 03 May, 2016

How fund managers could cut their FX costs by 2,500 per cent

An asset owner recently agreed with its custodian bank what fees it would pay to buy and sell currencies.

Posted on: 18 Apr, 2016

Establishing a Foundation for Social Media Screening as a Due Diligence

It’s easy now to condemn Martin Shkreli by pointing at his fraud indictment, purported lies he told investors and his childish behavior before Congress.

Posted on: 12 Apr, 2016

The Culture is as important as the return

You get a certain vibe when you enter a place. Whether it's a shop, a bar, restaurant, a dentist's office, a friend’s home or an investment manager – each offers a unique atmosphere that usually hits you the minute you walk through the door.

Posted on: 05 Apr, 2016

Investors: catch their style drift?

It’s no secret that investors want a well-diversified portfolio that produces consistent returns through all kinds of market cycles and fits within a mandated or expected risk profile and parameters.

Posted on: 29 Mar, 2016

Eurobridge advises investors seeking good returns and manageable risks to look at the Low Countries

Finance is the art of allocating scarce resources to infinite opportunities. So the problem facing Eurobridge Business Exchange Limited (EBEL) is not sourcing possible transactions.

Posted on: 17 Mar, 2016
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Webinar Review: The margining of uncleared swaps is coming

On Wednesday 9 March, COOConnect and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) hosted a webinar, The margining of uncleared swaps is coming.

Posted on: 15 Mar, 2016

Investment management due diligence association opens for business

Due diligence is one of the fastest growing challenges in investment management. Investors are performing due diligence on fund managers who in turn are performing due diligence on their prime brokers, custodian and distributors.

Posted on: 15 Mar, 2016

The impact of recent regulations on the post-trade landscape

On Tuesday 01 March, Thomas Murray hosted a half day event in London entitled Post-Trade Risk Roundtable. The event sought to explore the regulatory hurdles being faced by those involved with the funds industry, and how firms can prepare to clear these challenges in their post-trade networks.
Posted on: 04 Mar, 2016

T2S promises fund settlement revolution

TARGET2-Securities (T2S), the single securities settlement system for Europe built and operated by the European Central Bank (ECB), is live.

Posted on: 09 Feb, 2016


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