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Editors of COOConnect

What we are

COOConnect is a peer group network of operational leaders working in fund management, and their investors, especially those working in operational due diligence functions. Its members commit to share their knowledge and experience of attracting, retaining and informing investors; selecting and managing prime brokers and fund administrators; controlling the risks of investment strategies, financing, valuations and compliance; complying with regulations; and building and developing the infrastructure of human talent, technology and operational processes that enables a firm to grow. COOConnect exists to facilitate that process.

We aim to achieve that goal by providing our members with a secure web-based communication platform where content is posted by in-house editorial and administrative staff in the form of news, magazine features and survey-based research, by hosting regular webinars and other events, and by inviting members to interact with our resident professional experts in a variety of disciplines.

Content reserved for members only is posted behind a password-protected barrier. Weekly news broadcasts are sent to members, and to our wider network of contacts on the buy-side of the fund management industry. No content that imperils the integrity of the platform is posted. COOConnect aims to provide a neutral forum, untainted by third party vendors and consultants, that provides practical advice and solutions to real business issues, great and small.

Membership is free to accredited individuals at fund managers and investors. The benefits of the network are funded through sponsorship by prime brokers, fund administrators, central counterparty clearing houses, software vendors and other sell-side entities. Certain sponsors are able to post content behind the membership wall in a controlled way. They can also engage in other forms of commercial promotion compatible with the maintenance of the integrity of the network, such as becoming resident experts, and sponsoring webinars, events and research studies.

COOConnect is not a trade association for lobbying market authorities, or making submissions to government departments, regulators and tax offices, or an educational or examining body for raising or maintaining professional standards, or a conference group, or a consultancy. Nor is it a substitute for the personal networks of its members. In fact, COOConnect aims at all times to work with existing networks, including the informal groups of COOs that exist already, trade associations such as AIMA and MFA, and conference and seminar groups.